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Preventative Maintenance and Repairs for All Aspects of Your Fire Protection System

Castle provides fast and thorough maintenance and repair services to ensure life safety. Even the most reliable fire safety systems require regular maintenance and occasional repair. If during an inspection we find an abnormality in your system, we provide a quote for our maintenance services. We are able to answer any and all questions about your fire safety system. If you have questions regarding your system, better safe than sorry! Just ask one of our Castle technicians. They know the systems inside and out to ensure that they troubleshoot your system quickly when maintenance is needed.

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    What Equipment Does Castle Maintain and Repair?

    Castle will gladly service and repair all aspects of your fire protection system, including:

    Benefits of Maintenance & Repair Services

    peace of mind

    Peace of Mind

    experienced technician

    Experienced Technicians

    24-hour support

    24/7 Availability


    Life Safety

    Castle Will Maintain and Repair All Fire Safety Equipment.

    The most common equipment brands we service are:

    Repairing Smaller Issues Before They Become Bigger Issues

    It is easy to forget that your fire protection systems need to be regularly repaired and maintained. However, it’s important to stay updated on the wellness of your system. Consequences of failing to properly care for your fire alarm and sprinkler system include death and injury, damage to your building, expensive fines, and penalties from Fire Marshals, or a full building shut down. Whether it’s responding to a leaking pipe, tripped dry system, or full valve replacement we treat our clients’ repairs like the emergencies they are while guaranteeing fast, courteous, and efficient service. The Castle team prioritizes life safety over everything. That’s why we’re here for all of your maintenance and repair needs.

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