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ACE Fire Extinguisher Services

Since 1941, Castle Sprinkler and Alarm’s sister company, ACE Fire Extinguisher Service has provided comprehensive fire extinguisher services to property and facility managers in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. As one of the largest privately owned fire extinguisher companies in the United States, ACE specializes in the servicing of your fire extinguishers for both small and large establishments. From on-site recharges to service installation inspections, the ACE team is equipped to handle all of your fire extinguisher needs.

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    What to Expect From ACE’s Fire Extinguisher Team

    Based on the latest guidelines of NFPA 10 (National Fire Protection Association’s Standard For Portable Fire Extinguishers) ACE is able to provide you with:

    Benefits of Inspections

    peace of mind

    Peace of Mind

    experienced technician

    Experienced Technicians

    Fire Code Compliance


    Life Safety

    Trusted by Over 8,000 Customers

    For over 75 years, ACE Fire Extinguisher Service has met the fire extinguisher needs of all types of properties and businesses. Our fire extinguisher customers include:

    Fire Code Compliant Extinguishers

    We ensure your fire extinguishers are ready when you need them the most.

    If a fire breaks out, the last thing you need at your property is a malfunctioning fire extinguisher. Many fires begin small and can be easily controlled and contained with the proper access to a functioning and code compliant fire extinguisher. This is why we stress the importance of annual inspections and testing of your property’s extinguishers. If we find any issues with your extinguishers, our trucks are equipped to handle on-site recharges so your building is not left at risk. For the tasks that can’t be handled on site, your extinguishers are brought to our facility for a complete and code compliant service. Our trained technicians are also happy to show you and your staff how to properly utilize a fire extinguisher so that everyone is aware of how to do so when you need it the most.  Contact the ACE Fire Extinguisher team, and we will make sure all of your fire extinguisher needs are taken care of.

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