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Keeping Multifamily Residents and Families Safe Since 2004

Whether you are an apartment owner or a property manager, Castle offers fire protection solutions that will meet the unique needs of your building. We bring peace of mind to you and your residents. Most importantly, we prioritize life safety while also keeping in mind the structural integrity of the building. We know you’ve invested a lot into your building. That’s why we prepare it for the worst-case scenario.

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Why Do Multifamily Property Managers Trust Castle Sprinkler and Alarm?

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We Proudly Serve All Types Of Multifamily Properties

Castle considers a multifamily property as a building or structure that is designed to house several different families in separate housing units. We provide fire protection services to all multifamily properties, including:

Peace of Mind for Multifamily Property Managers

We know that multifamily buildings house hundreds of residents who depend on property managers to make sure their home is safe and up to code. Castle relieves the pressure off of property managers by providing all of our regular services to multifamily properties, including providing regular inspections, equipment maintenance, and emergency services. We also will gladly offer trainings and answer any questions of all building staff members on equipment operations so that, in the case of a fire, you and your building are prepared.

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