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Castle’s New Construction Team Is Ready For Your Next Project

The Castle Sprinkler and Alarm New Construction team is willing to take on new construction projects of any size. You’ve invested a lot into your new building. Don’t risk neglecting the installation of a fire protection system. Our team works alongside with any other contractor teams working on your building to ensure fire code compliance every step of the way. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building is safe from start to finish. Additionally, you won’t have to wait around for any fire code compliance inspections or system installations. Once your building is ready to go, so are we! 

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    What Will We Bring To Your New Building

    When you invite the Castle team onto your new construction project, we outfit your building with the necessary fire safety equipment like:

    Benefits of New Construction

    Reduced Unexpected Expenses


    Life Safety

    Fire Code Compliance

    Design Incorporation

    What To Expect From Castle’s New Construction Team

    The Castle New Construction Team utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) during the life cycle of your project to:

    Prioritizing Fire Code Compliance

    We are there for you from start to finish.

    Fire safety should not be the last thing on your to-do list when working on new construction. By incorporating the Castle team into your new construction plans, we will design and install along with all other contractors working on the building, which allows for reduced costs and hassles later on. Avoid the creation of unintended fire hazards and expensive building design choices by allowing the Castle Sprinkler and Alarm New Construction team to evaluate the project during the design phase. By working with a licensed fire protection company your fire alarm and sprinkler system needs will be clearly outlined before you begin construction, reducing the risk of unexpected expenses later.

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