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What to Expect During a Restaurant Fire Inspection

What to Expect During a Restaurant Fire Inspection

Would you like to know what to expect during a restaurant fire inspection? Read on to learn what you need to know on the subject.

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sprinkler system

When Should You Have a Sprinkler System Inspection?

One fire can completely wipe out products and equipment for warehouses and other large commercial buildings. Additionally, fires can cause the loss of life of employees and guests. No one knows when a fire may happen. All we can do is protect our buildings. A sprinkler suppression system prevents fires from spreading through your warehouse….

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Fire Hazards

The Most Common Commercial Fire Hazards

Most industries and businesses carry a risk of fire. Common fire hazards include heat-producing equipment, building occupancy, material storage, and more. When you understand the factors that commonly lead to fire, you are more likely to be prepared for it. At Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, we know the importance of fire protection in various industries….

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Fire Plan

The Benefits of a Commercial Fire Plan

Unfortunately, fires happen on a regular basis at commercial facilities across the nation. These blazes cause millions of dollars in property damage and can result in lengthy business disruptions. A sound commercial fire plan can strengthen your business in many ways: Reduces the likelihood of a fire Decreases the damages if a fire does breakout …

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Figuring Out the Numbers and Letters on Your Fire Extinguisher

There is a sense of safety in having a fire extinguisher in your commercial building.  On the other hand, few things are more confusing than the numbers and letters on the side of the tube. What do they mean? Why are they important? You know some extinguishers put out certain types of fires but not…

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fire inspection

How Often Do You Need to Inspect Your Fire Protection System?

Fire Inspections A fire inspection should be performed by professionals on a regular basis. Committing to an inspections schedule can help remedy any issues that can cause sensors or sprinklers to work less efficiently or even fail entirely. Keeping your commercial property and its clientele safe from the fire means trusting that the network of…

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fire risk in each industry

Top Fire Risks in Each Industry

Fire Prevention and Protection A fire can devastate any industry. Without proper fire protection, you could lose millions of dollars, not to mention the lives of your employees and guests. At Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, we determine your fire protection needs based on your industry risk. Here is a list of fire risks in each…

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fire sprinkler system

Fire Protection That Never Sleeps

Fire Sprinkler System Protection Fire is like a predator: insidious, deadly, and unpredictable. It is the greatest danger to structures, particularly larger buildings that are not densely occupied, such as warehouses. This is also true with heavily populated buildings of multiple stories. Everyone knows smoke is the deadliest of the several ways a fire can…

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fire protection budget

How To Determine Your 2022 Fire Protection Budget

Budgeting For Fire Protection In the industrial or manufacturing industry, there are about 37,000 fires every year. These fires cause around one billion dollars in damages and lead to 18 deaths. Having a fire protection plan is essential, so it is important that you budget for it correctly. To budget for fire protection, you need…

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fire extinguisher

Why You Need Professional Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire Extinguisher Services Protecting your business from fires is an important task that shouldn’t be left to anyone but professionals. From the initial installation of a fire suppression system to the yearly maintenance that ensures everything is in perfect working order, trust the expertise of Castle Sprinkler and Alarm. Through our fire extinguisher services, our…

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