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About Us

We keep you, your building, and all of its occupants safe.

The roots of Castle reach back to 1968. First, Charles E. Castle Jr. purchased the company, ACE Fire Extinguisher. Then, he grew it from a two-truck operation into one of the largest fire extinguisher companies in the United States. Meanwhile, his sons Chuck, Dan, and Patrick noticed a trend of people asking for help with fire sprinklers and fire alarms. They knew that people were looking for a one stop shop fire protection company, and were happy to oblige. In 2004, Chuck, Dan, and Patrick opened Castle Sprinkler and Alarm. Since then, Castle has become the most reputable and trusted fire protection company serving over 5,500 customers in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland areas.

Castle Sprinkler and Alarm Important Dates

1968: Charles Castle purchased ACE Fire Extinguisher

2004: Castle Sprinkler and Alarm was founded

2008: Launched a sprinkler construction department

2019: Jason Martin became President of Castle