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Testing and Inspections for All Aspects of Your Fire Protection System

Inspections are the backbone of Castle Sprinkler and Alarm. We value life safety, and look forward to providing you with the peace of mind that your building is prepared for the worst-case scenario. When you contact Castle for an inspection, expect nothing less but professionalism. 24–48 hours after you inform your residents of the inspection, Castle arrives to give your fire protection systems a checkup. After the inspection, everything is returned to its original placement and Castle then makes a list of recommendations to improve your fire protection system.

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    What to Expect During a Castle Sprinkler and Alarm Inspection

    Our inspections are professional, thorough, and provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fire protection system. You should expect:

    Benefits of Inspections

    peace of mind

    Peace of Mind

    experienced technician

    Experienced Technicians

    Fire Code Compliance


    Life Safety

    All of Castle’s Inspections are Reviewed by Senior Management.

    We believe a second set of eyes is the best step toward life safety. That’s why we are very careful when it comes to checking your fire protection systems. Castle will inspect and test your:

    Inspections Keep Your Fire Protection Systems Alive

    We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fire protection system.

    While your fire protection equipment is there to keep you and your building safe during a fire, inspections are what keep your equipment alive. Regular inspections extend the life of your fire alarm and sprinkler systems. They reduce the chances of life-threatening equipment malfunctions during an emergency, ensuring your fire alarms go off, your sprinklers activate and your local fire department is alerted. Regular testing and inspection of your fire protection equipment keeps your property compliant with fire codes. This avoids failed inspections by local fire officials along with fines, property shutdowns or being put on Fire Watch. Don’t go through the trouble of investing in fire protection equipment and then forget about it—make sure it’s regularly checked for code compliance and 100% functionality. Sound like a lot of work? Just call Castle!

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