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Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System Design Build Services for Tenant Improvements

Castle Sprinkler and Alarm considers tenant improvements as any types of upgrades necessary to increase the usability of an already existing commercial space. Tenant improvement projects are both valuable and necessary. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your building is up to code so that it functions under fire code compliance. Our team provides an accurate assessment of your building’s fire protection system and make all required modifications based on the facility’s needs. Castle quickly provides cost estimates and gives you an upfront timeline for any and all modifications needed. We make sure that your building is safe and operational in a timely manner.

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    What to Expect From Castle’s Tenant Improvement Team

    Property managers and owners rely on Castle to execute the fire life safety portion of their tenant improvement projects on time and on budget.  

    Benefits of Castle's Fire Sprinkler Tenant Improvement Services

    Fire Code Compliance

    experienced technician

    Dedicated Construction Crews

    Fire Sprinkler System Design


    Life Safety

    Castle Sprinkler and Alarm’s Tenant Improvement Experience

    During a tenant improvement, the Castle team will design and build a fire sprinkler system that ensures your newly leased space is both safe and compliant with current fire codes. Our tenant improvement experience includes:

    The Importance of Necessary Improvements

    We upgrade all aspects of your fire protection systems for your peace of mind.

    Upgrading the fire sprinkler system during a tenant improvement can be challenging. Most properties are partially occupied and still open for business during the construction process. There are also complex challenges with integrating new fire protection systems and legacy equipment. The Castle Sprinkler and Alarm team works with property managers to make the tenant improvement process painless. These upgrades not only save lives, they also save businesses. if you’re opening a new business in an existing building, you need to make sure that the necessary improvements have been made to its fire protection systems. We don’t procrastinate when it comes to fire safety, and you shouldn’t either. Statistics show that 50% of companies that experience a fire never re-open, and another 20% close within three years because they never fully recovered in the first place. Don’t put your business or property at risk. Contact Castle today to learn more about our tenant improvement services.

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