4 Common Causes of Workplace Fires

Fires in the workplace are, unfortunately, much more common than one might expect. Even a small fire can cause severe damage to your business. Being aware of the most common causes can help business owners and property managers mitigate the risks.

1. Human Error

Much to our dismay, customers, employees, and trespassers do not always respect the warnings erected in a space. For instance, it is not uncommon to see people smoking at gas stations or tossing a cigarette into a trashcan. Unfortunately, not all instances are caused by a blatant disregard for fire safety. Many fires that result from human error are caused by a basic human trait: forgetfulness. Forgetting to unplug the coffee pot or leaving a candle lit when you exit a room can just as easily lead to a detrimental fire.

2. Faulty Electrical Components

From old equipment to exposed wires during construction, electricity remains one of the most dangerous sources of fire. All it takes is one spark and nearby combustible material to create a big problem. Sometimes the drywall and insulation itself are enough to feed the fire and cause it to spread. To make matters worse, water only exacerbates electrical fires.

3. Overheating

Even when electricity does not directly cause fires, poorly wired components can begin to overheat. Even good systems can overheat due to overuse, power surges, or environmental factors. As one might suspect, heating systems are especially likely to burst into flames.

4. Flammable Materials

In the past few years, there have been several notable explosions occurring at buildings that store flammable materials. One of the most devastating examples was the recent explosion in Beirut. If your place of business stores, transports, or otherwise handles flammable items, you will need to take additional steps to reduce the risk of fire and explosions.

Employee training programs and reliable fire protection services are the two best measures you can use to protect your business and general public health. Contact Castle Sprinkler & Alarm by calling 301-517-7349 or sending us an email to see what our business can do to help you safeguard your investment.