Common Issues That May Arise With Your Fire Protection System

fire protection system

Fire safety systems are designed to protect your business, staff, and property. In a warehouse or large structure, if a fire occurs in one section, it may go unnoticed in another without a functional and effective system. Most system problems, including the following, can be solved with the help of a fire protection service.

CO2 Suppression Systems Do Not Extinguish the Fire

For a CO2 suppression system or any other gas-based system to effectively put out a fire, it must generate enough of the gas. The gas accumulates in a tight enclosure, but sometimes those enclosures wear down or malfunction.

A professional can test your CO2 system regularly by simulating a fire. They may also test the fan or room integrity to ensure that there are no cracks where gas may be leaking out.

The Water Supply to the Sprinkler System Fails

Low water pressure is dangerous when a fire starts. You can never predict if or when a fire will occur but when it does, you need to count on the right water pressure. Have your equipment routinely inspected by a professional who can also run a risk-based analysis. A contractor can also ensure that you have a reliable water source or that each of your cooling tower basins has its own fire pump.

Sprinkler Systems Do Not Supply Enough Water to All Fire Systems

If there are multiple connected fire systems, it can be complicated to supply enough water to each one. Rely on a professional to design your fire safety system around your adjoining system and ensure that there is enough water to accommodate all of the systems. A professional can also check for friction leaks and replace the nozzles if necessary.

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