Components of a Fire Sprinkler System

fire sprinkler system

You may have a fire sprinkler system in your building or perhaps you are considering having one installed. Either way, it is important to understand how the system works, especially in the unfortunate event it needs to be used. We have broken down the system by each component, giving you an idea of how they all work together to keep you safe.

Alarm Valve

Once you trigger the sprinkler system, the alarm valve also activates. This is a valve that controls waterflow into the sprinkler. This one-way valve is only for transporting water. The valve will remain closed as long as the sprinkler heads do, but when the sprinkler heads open the valve will follow by opening up as well. 

Sprinkler Heads

When you look at a sprinkler system, the heads are where the water comes from. These are valves that open as the temperature in a room increases. A common misconception is that when there is heat in a building all of the sprinkler heads open. In reality, only the ones in the affected area will open.

Alarm Test Valve

An alarm test valve is for testing the system. It can work even if the system is not on. You need to test your fire protection system on a regular basis. The alarm test valve will run the fire pump but it will not flood your building. 

Motorized Alarm

All sprinkler systems have to be connected to a fire alarm. When you activate the system, the water flow will set off another type of trigger. This trigger will cause the fire alarm to sound. You need to ensure that your alarm is functioning correctly, otherwise if there is a fire, those in the building may not be aware of a fire.

Stop Valve

The stop valve’s name is self-explanatory. It stops the water from flowing to the sprinkler head when the alarm is not on. Also, if there is a fire, it can stop the sprinkler system as soon as the temperatures return to normal again.

In order to better protect your business, it helps to know what the sprinkler system is capable of. Call 301-517-7349 or email us today to find out more about our full range of fire protection services. The professionals at  Castle Sprinkler & Alarm are here to help.