Fire Protection That Never Sleeps

fire sprinkler system

Fire Sprinkler System Protection

Fire is like a predator: insidious, deadly, and unpredictable. It is the greatest danger to structures, particularly larger buildings that are not densely occupied, such as warehouses. This is also true with heavily populated buildings of multiple stories. Everyone knows smoke is the deadliest of the several ways a fire can threaten your life. What is overlooked is how the smoke can rise through lower floors to cut off oxygen to upper floors. The best way to protect and prevent a fire is through a commercial sprinkler system.

What You Should Expect From Your Sprinkler System

You should make certain that your sprinkler system is certified as NFPA 13. This means it meets the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association for businesses and commercial properties. Additionally, here in the Capital area, some codes and requirements must be met with any sprinkler system. Properly designed systems never sleep. They are intended to detect fires, contain them and extinguish them. Often, consumers believe a system that covers an entire commercial facility is overkill. In actuality, fire can spread much faster than a person can run, meaning there is no such thing as a “small fire.”

What Additional Protections Are Necessary

A commercial sprinkler system is the first line of defense against the worst case—a fire. To isolate fire chances, we at Castle Sprinkler & Alarm offer added protections to lessen the risk:

  • Tenant improvements. We provide upgrades and improvements.
  • Inspection and testing. We check your systems on a regular basis.
  • Emergency services. Fire is not the only emergency. Whenever the system goes down, we are available.
  • Maintenance and Repair. If we find it needs service, we can fix or replace equipment.
  • New Construction. We build fire safety into your new facilities.

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