Fire Safety: Protect Your Restaurant

restaurant kitchen

All commercial buildings carry a fire risk, but restaurants carry a higher risk than most. In order to keep your restaurant protected, you must put a strong emphasis on fire safety.

Safety Equipment

To stop a fire from spreading through your restaurant, you need to have adequate fire protection. Since most restaurant fires occur in the kitchen, you need an automatic fire suppression system. As for the rest of the restaurant, be sure it is equipped with fire sprinklers. 

Safety Training

To prevent a fire, all staff need to be trained in fire safety. Staff should learn to clean any cooking and preparation surfaces thoroughly and dispose of rags, ashes, boxes, and garbage every day. Using cleaning solutions should only be done in well-ventilated areas. When it comes to storage, all linens, boxes, and paper products should stay away from heat sources at all times. Cooking fuels should remain in tight containers.

In addition to fire prevention, staff training should include how to respond to a fire. Some tips include to:

  • Use a fire extinguisher on a grease fire but never throw water on the fire
  • Make sure all paths are clear at all times and that there is clear access to the emergency doors
  • Have an evacuation plan that all staff members are aware of
  • Have one staff member per shift designated to call 911

Training not only prevents fires but it prepares your staff to deal with a fire if one were to happen.

The more safety equipment and training you invest in your business, the safer your business will be. For a range of fire protection surfaces, contact Castle Sprinkler & Alarm by calling 301-517-7349 or sending us an email today!