Fire Safety Tips for Your Business

Fires are one of the most devastating disasters that could ever hit a business. Business owners in states ravaged by wildfires often experience this firsthand. While wildfires are not common in the Baltimore and D.C. area, there are other instances that may cause fires at your business. An employee may have too many things plugged into a single outlet, or someone may set a space heater too close to flammable material. Here are some steps business owners can take to reduce the likelihood of a fire and the resulting damage.

1. Train Workers

People are the most important assets you need to protect in the case of a fire. The best way to do so is to train them on what to do if the alarm goes off. The key phrase here is “when the alarm goes off,” not when they verify if there is a fire. By then, it could be too late. Do regular drills, appoint an evacuation coordinator and have a written policy in place.

2. Check Fire Alarms

Routinely test your fire alarm systems to ensure they are in proper working order. Too many business owners learn the hard way when their fire alarm systems do not work as planned. This can cause the building to burn to the ground before alerting the proper authorities. In other instances, the failsafe may not kick in, causing emergency exit doors to not open automatically.

3. Check for Hazards

Sometimes people receive excellent training and fire systems work perfectly, but dangers still arise. One of the most dangerous hazards are blocked emergency exits. People may rush to escape only to find that there is a server on the other side. Even mops and brooms in the way could present tripping hazards. Day-to-day safety practices help to reduce additional hazards, such as flammable objects near power outlets or chemicals stored incorrectly.

Contact the Professionals

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