Fire Tips to Ensure Your Business’s Safety

fire safety for commercial business

Fire is one of the major risks to your business. While local codes enforce minimal fire protection, this is not always enough. Your assets, employees, and clients deserve more than minimal protection. When you implement effective fire precautions, you are mitigating fire damage costs and protecting every person in your building.

Employee Fire Training

Do not slack on routine fire drills. Employees need to know the escape routes and the company’s plan, in case of a fire. They should understand basic fire prevention, such as refraining from overloading outlets and practicing precautions around fire hazards. In the case of fire extinguishers, they need to know how to use them and when it’s appropriate to use them.

Fire Protection System Inspections

By law, your business must have some form of fire protection system. You have to ensure that it is regularly inspected and maintained. All fire sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers must be in proper working order, with no signs of damage. We provide thorough inspections to ensure that your system is undamaged and up to code.

In addition to your fire alarm and suppression system, make sure that all of your fire doors function properly. Fire doors help to slow the fire and provide people with the needed time to evacuate. Make sure your doors function before you actually need them.

Fire Safety Checklists

Fire protection maintenance is easier when you have a checklist. Your checklist should include:

  • Dates for annual inspections
  • Regular checks on electrical outlets and heating units
  • Inspections of hallways and emergency exits for clutter and debris

To protect your business, you can consult with a fire protection service to learn all of the different local codes that you need to stay up to date on.

At Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, we understand the importance of full-range fire protection services. Call 301-517-7349 or email us today to ensure your building has functioning fire protection systems in place.