How to Choose the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Business

There are many things you can do to protect a commercial property from unforeseen disasters. A fire alarm system is just one of those things. How do you choose which system to have installed? Is one system better than another? The following are some things to consider when choosing the best system for your business.

The Size of Your Building

Different alarm systems are good for different-sized buildings. For example, a conventional fire alarm system is generally used in a small building, such as a restaurant or a one-man shop. It has a four-wire system and works off detection zoning. You must manually find which device is going off, which is why they’re better for smaller buildings.

A system such as the analog-addressable is better for larger buildings. The system is more complex altogether, but every detector has a unique address, allowing you to determine the exact location where the alarm is going off.

The Cost of the System

Each of the main types of fire alarm systems are differently priced. Depending on your commercial budget, you may be able to afford one better than the other. For example, the two-wire system is comparable to the conventional four-wire system as far as being effective in smaller buildings, but the two-wire costs a bit more as a whole system. When you look at installation, the two-wire may be less expensive to install, so that’s something to consider as well.

Building Restrictions

It’s possible the building you’re installing the fire alarm in has some restrictions that could determine what type of system you can install. Some buildings prohibit certain types of new wiring, making a wireless system your best option.

Learning More About Fire Alarm Systems

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