How to Select the Best Commercial Fire Protection System for Your Business

commercial fire protection

As a business owner, are you worried about the safety of your commercial building? If you don’t have an updated fire alarm system or one at all, you should. In 2021, there were around 125,000 commercial building fires in the United States.

Faulty wires, human error, and cooking equipment are all common ways that fires get started in commercial buildings. It’s important to be prepared when the unexpected happens.

In order to keep your property and everyone inside safe, you need to invest in commercial fire protection. However, we know the task of picking out the best system can be nerve-wracking.

You don’t want to make the wrong decisions. That’s why we are here to help. Read on to learn all about how to choose the right system for your building.

Read Online Reviews

One of the first things you want to do when you’re researching for the best fire alarm system is to look at reviews. Have other people had a good experience with the device? Has it been recalled for issues?

These are two questions you need to ask before investing in a commercial fire protection system. Take the time to read several reviews about each device that you’re considering. You should be on the lookout for information about the quality and the installation process.

You’ll also want to look at the reviews of the companies, not just the devices. A company with a great reputation will have technicians and employees that can answer questions and help you make your decision.

Past Performance References

During the research process, you should ask the fire alarm company if they can provide you with past customers’ contact information. This will allow you to reach out to clients who have similar buildings as you and ask about their experience. Below are a few questions you can ask that will help you decide if the fire alarm device is the best option for you.

  • Have you had any issues with the fire alarm
  • Is there anything you wish you could change about it
  • How was your experience working with the fire alarm company
  • Would you purchase the alarm again through the original provider

Consider the Provider’s Safety Ratings

If the commercial fire alarm isn’t installed correctly or if the device is faulty, your entire building is at risk. Which is the last thing you want.

Before committing to work with a company, check OSHA 300 records. This will help eliminate some risk factors and you have peace of mind knowing that the company is in good standing. The installer should be educated on local fire safety codes and should follow the regulations.

Working with a company that has experience working with business owners with similar styles and sizes buildings is key. You’ll decrease the chances of the technician messing up and either violating the fire codes or starting a fire.

Commercial Fire Protection Pricing

Before deciding between the different commercial fire alarms, compare prices. It’s important to set a realistic budget and stick with it. Besides the initial cost of the alarm, you’ll need to budget for monitoring costs if applicable.

Going with the lowest quote isn’t always the best option. Often times paying for quality is better.

However, you also don’t want to get scammed or ripped off. Getting multiple quotes can help you ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

The price is going to be determined by several different factors. The size of your building, the brand of system that you decide on, and how difficult the installation process is. When you’re getting quotes and asking the commercial fire alarm service provider questions, pay attention to their customer service.

Are they pressuring you to buy the most expensive system? If so, it may not be the best company to work with. How they treat you at the beginning of the process is a clear reflection of how they will respond if something goes wrong with the fire alarm in the future.

Commercial Fire Protection Timelines

Your timeline is another important factor to consider. Is your building already built or is it still in the construction stage?

Your contractor will be able to install your fire alarm system during the construction stage. However, if you’re switching out your old system for a new one, the project may take longer.

Be sure to ask for a realistic timeline. While the company will typically not give an exact amount of time, you can still use the estimate to make arrangements and coordinate everyone’s schedules.

Compare Features

Some fire alarms have different features than others. Take the time to compare different devices and decide which features are most important to you.

If you have multiple buildings, there are some alarms that can be connected between them. Some have voice messaging, while others have strobe lights and horns.

Most importantly, the device should detect fire and smoke, call emergency services, and alert everyone inside the building of the issue. Don’t rush the process of comparing and finding an alarm system that works for your business needs.

Commercial Fire Protection

Keeping your employees, customers, and property safe should be your number one priority. As a building owner and manager of the property, fire safety is one more thing on your to-do list. When you leave for the night or when you’re working during the day, you don’t want to have to worry about the building being unsafe.

Don’t waste any more time. Contact us here to ask us any questions about commercial fire protection or to schedule an appointment.