Kitchen Fire Suppression System: Know the Basics

Commercial Kitchen With Stainless Steel Equipment Requiring Fire Protection Services

As the owner of a restaurant, you may have seen a fire or two during your time in the industry. Unfortunately, if you have, you probably know that they can spread fast. With a kitchen fire suppression system, you could have more success in avoiding a spread. Many business owners have found these systems to be effective in doing just that. Discover the basics of this system and learn how you can increase the safety of your business.

How the System Works

For a fire to live, it needs fuel, oxygen, and heat. You’ll find all three of those elements in a busy restaurant kitchen. When a fire starts without a suppression system, it can spread from heat source to heat source and fuel source to fuel source.

If the kitchen has a suppression system in place, there are nozzles above every station that produces heat or fuel in the kitchen. As soon as the system detects a fire, those nozzles send out chemicals that will smother the fire and prevent it from receiving any more oxygen. As soon as the system is triggered, the gas line will be automatically cut off as well, eliminating the fuel source.

Benefits of the System

The obvious benefit of a kitchen fire suppression system is a decreased chance the entire business goes up in flames. This system is able to localize the fire and confine its efforts to that area alone, saving food and equipment in other parts of the kitchen from the fire suppressing chemicals. Smoke damage is also minimized, as the fire is put out quickly. Investing in a fire suppression system can save you a lot of money in damages and repairs caused rapidly spreading fires. 

Learning More About Suppression Systems

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