Why You Should Never Skip a Fire Pump Inspection

fire pump inspection

Between 2021 and 2022, non-residential structure fires rose by 12%. There was also a 15% rise in deaths, a 27% rise in injuries, and a 7% rise in property damage. A well-maintained fire pump can help reduce casualties and injuries from a fire.

Fire pumps are an essential part of a water-based fire protection system. They provide the water pressure needed to fight fires. As such, you need to inspect your fire pumps regularly.

A regular fire pump inspection can help to identify and correct problems before they lead to a fire pump failure. It can help to prevent catastrophic fires and save lives. Here are reasons why you should never skip the inspection.

Detect Faults Early

When you identify faults early on, you can take corrective actions promptly. As a result, your fire protection systems will always be available. It’s particularly critical for facilities that need uninterrupted fire protection.

You’ll incur less extensive and inexpensive repairs if you address faults early. If not, you may have to deal with major breakdowns. These breakdowns may need extensive replacements or overhauls.

A fire pump offers the necessary water flow and pressure to suppress a fire. Early fault detection can prevent pump failures. These pump failures could compromise fire protection efforts in a critical situation.

Maintain Fire Protection Efficacy

Fire protection efficacy refers to the effectiveness of fire protection systems. It also involves measures that help prevent fires and reduce them. Fire detection/suppression systems must work at their best to achieve efficacy.

A fire pump operates under demanding conditions in a fire emergency. Its robust construction and redundancy features ensure that it can withstand the elements. These elements include extreme heat, smoke, and vibration of a fire scene.

Regular inspections ensure that the fire pump operates at peak efficiency. They also ensure the pump delivers the necessary water pressure and flow to suppress a fire. The fire sprinkler system and other fire-fighting equipment can function as designed.

Inspections can help check for leaks and ensure proper lubrication. They also test a fire pump under simulated fire conditions. When done often, they ensure the fire pump is always ready to operate when needed.

Comply With Regulations

The need for regular fire pump inspections is a legal requirement. So, if you fail to adhere to these regulations, you may incur fines or face penalties. Incompliance can put you at legal risk and jeopardize your property’s compliance status.

You should learn about all applicable local fire safety codes and regulations. These codes may include specific requirements for fire detection and suppression systems. They may also cover fire exits, emergency lighting, and safety signage.

Regulations on electric fire pumps demand weekly inspections that cover different items. These items include the piping, pump suctions, and bypass/discharge valves. They also include wet pit suction screens and water flow test valves.

Protect Property and Investments

Fires cause significant damage to property and investments if the fire pump is defective. If the fire pump isn’t working properly, it may not deliver enough water to control the fire. The defects may cause extensive damage to buildings, equipment, and other valuables.

In addition to property damage, fires may also cause significant financial losses. The cost of repairs, lost inventory, and business downtime can be devastating. In some cases, fires can even lead to bankruptcy.

A fire pump inspection can help identify potential problems with the pump. These problems may include leaks, corrosion, or worn parts. You can fix them before they lead to a fire pump failure, which could put valuable assets at risk.

Safeguard Occupants

Fire victims who sustain injuries face a long and difficult recovery process. They may deal with physical pain, emotional trauma, and long-term disabilities. The financial burden of fire-related injuries and deaths can be immense for families.

With fire safety measures in place, you can prevent loss of life and risk of injuries. Fires can cause severe injuries, including burns, smoke inhalation, and trauma. They also have psychological effects like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A fire pump inspection is an excellent safety measure. It helps ensure that these critical components of the pump are in proper working order. You’ll be certain that these components are ready to respond to a fire emergency.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance premiums can increase after a fire accident. It’s because insurance companies view fire accidents as a higher risk. As such, they may adjust your premium accordingly to reflect the increased risk of future claims.

The premium increase will depend on the severity of the fire damage, the cause of the fire, and your claims history. To enjoy lower premiums, you must demonstrate your commitment to fire safety. Fire pump maintenance and inspection can help reduce insurance costs.

Insurance companies often view regular fire pump inspections favorably. They may also offer discounts for commercial properties with fire inspection testing on file. To them, a well-maintained fire pump is a valuable asset in a fire.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and freedom from worry or stress. Knowing that your fire pump is in good working order provides peace of mind in two ways. It reassures you of safety and lets you focus on your daily activities without worrying.

A well-functioning pump can reassure you that your building can handle a fire emergency. It offers a sense of security that is especially important for building owners and managers. These individuals are usually responsible for ensuring the fire safety of their property and the people within it.

When you know your fire pump is functioning properly, you can focus on your daily activities without worrying about a potential fire. With this peace of mind, your well-being will improve. You’ll also operate with greater confidence and efficiency.

Need a Fire Pump Inspection?

Fire pumps are the backbone of any fire protection system. They give the necessary water pressure to extinguish blazes and protect lives. Skipping a fire pump inspection can leave your property vulnerable to the devastating effects of a fire.

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