The Benefits of a Commercial Fire Plan

Fire Plan

Unfortunately, fires happen on a regular basis at commercial facilities across the nation. These blazes cause millions of dollars in property damage and can result in lengthy business disruptions. A sound commercial fire plan can strengthen your business in many ways:

  • Reduces the likelihood of a fire
  • Decreases the damages if a fire does breakout 
  • Comes with possible insurance discounts
  • Provides peace of mind for business owners and managers

At Castle Sprinkler and Alarm, we have been in the fire protection business in Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington DC for nearly 20 years. We offer companies solid fire protection solutions.

Features of a Fire Plan

While each company is different, a number of elements belong in nearly every fire protection plan. These components work together to protect a building from fire:

  • A functioning fire sprinkler system
  • A fire suppression system for unique hazards
  • Emergency lighting during a fire event
  • A robust fire alarm system
  • An emergency action plan

For the best protection in all of these areas, it is crucial to work with an experienced team. This will make sure your sprinkler system meets relevant facility codes and it sized appropriately for your building.

Importance of Regular Inspections

Once a plan is in place, it is critical to inspect all protective systems on a regular basis. This will ensure the sprinkler system is working and able to suppress a fire. It will also ensure all fire extinguishers are functioning. Giving you the peace of mind that in the early stages of fire the alarms will sound and light up quickly.

At Castle Sprinkler and Alarm, we help businesses make sure that all the parts of their fire protection plan are in good condition. Call our company today at 301-927-7300 to partner with a leader in fire protection.