Top Fire Risks in Each Industry

fire risk in each industry

Fire Prevention and Protection

A fire can devastate any industry. Without proper fire protection, you could lose millions of dollars, not to mention the lives of your employees and guests. At Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, we determine your fire protection needs based on your industry risk. Here is a list of fire risks in each industry.

Office Buildings

Every year, about 3,300 fires occur in office buildings. Out of those fires, about 1,000 account for kitchen fires. This may not be a major surprise; however, there are several other causes of fire. These include:

  • Electrical or lighting
  • Arson
  • Heating equipment
  • Exposure
  • Electronic equipment
  • Smoking materials

If your office building has any flammable materials inside, it increases the chances of a fire. The materials can easily help the fire spread and grow larger and hotter over time.

Mission-Critical Industries

Flammable liquids account for 50,000 fires in the U.S. As a mission-critical environment, such as an aircraft hangar, airport, jet engine test facility, or refinery, you have an increased chance of fire due to flammable substances, high roof decks, and open floor plans. If a fire occurs, mission-critical businesses need clean agent suppression systems to contain or eliminate a fire.

Commercial Kitchen

The restaurant industry is also impacted by fires. About 7,400 fires occur every year. Similar to office buildings, most of those fires happen in the kitchen. About 61% of restaurant fires start because of deep fryers, ovens, ranges, grills, rotisserie, grease hoods, and barbecues. 

However, cooking fire isn’t the only risk. Other risks include electrical equipment, smoking materials, arson, and heating equipment. 

Industrial Buildings

When fire spreads through a factory or manufacturing plant, it causes some of the worst damage to the property and those working on it. There are about 37,000 industrial fires every year, which cause around 18 deaths and 279 injuries. On top of these, the industry suffers about $1 billion in damages.

The most common risks include:

  • Welding equipment
  • Combustible dust
  • Flammable liquids
  • Heavy machinery

Ensuring your commercial building has fire safety measures in place is key in helping protect your employees, guests, and your business. To schedule your first service, contact Castle Sprinkler & Alarm or give us a call at (301)-517-7349.