Why Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspections Are Crucial for Building Safety

annual fire sprinkler inspection

Nonresidential fires were responsible for 95 deaths and 1,025 injuries in 2020. There were approximately 103,400 nonresidential fires in 2020, resulting in a loss of $3,289,600,000.

Commercial buildings are at risk of fire hazards like any other buildings. This is why an annual fire sprinkler inspection should be done. Building and facility managers should make sure that this is a top priority. Fire prevention is important and preventative measures need to be up kept.

Keep reading to find out why an annual fire sprinkler inspection is so important.

Could Prevent Fires

The main benefit of fire sprinklers is basic fire safety. Commercial buildings have these fire sprinklers in case a fire were to occur.

These sprinklers automatically turn on once smoke’s detected. This water helps to put out the fire before it continues to spread through the building.

If you haven’t had an annual fire sprinkler inspection, the sprinklers may not work. They may be defective, or wear and tear could have caused operational issues.

This is a huge fire hazard that could cause mass destruction to properties. Commercial buildings are also required to have the right fire prevention in place.

Extends Fire Sprinkler Lifespan

Annual fire sprinkler inspection professionals also help with the lifespan of the sprinklers. Like any preventative measure, they could stop working from wear and tear.

Having inspections done locates these issues early on. This helps with the safety of the building as well as keeping the sprinklers operational.

Identifying repairs early on will keep them in better condition. This prevents damage from becoming severe, resulting in a replacement being necessary.

Saves Money

It goes without saying that commercial property damage is a huge expense. There is no telling how far a fire could go or how much damage it could do.

This could also depend on the type of building and what is inside. If you have specialty gear or machines inside, this could be a devastating loss.

You may also have to pay for the damage to the building itself. As well as injured employees who were in the building at the time.

When you add all of this up, having the sprinklers inspected is the obvious choice. This may cost a little money each year, but it is nothing in comparison.

Maintaining the fire sprinkler system is also cheaper than having to replace it.

Ensures Safety for Everyone

Commercial buildings often have employees working inside. For large buildings, there could be hundreds if not thousands of people in the building at a time.

Having fire prevention measures in place is an absolute necessity. This ensures that everyone is safe in the case of a fire breaking out.

Other safety measures should also be added, such as fire extinguishers and fire exits.

Reduces Insurance Premiums

Something you may not realize is that insurance companies see these inspections. They may offer premiums for clients who have these inspections done annually.

Insurance companies do this because fire prevention measures are up kept. This means that if a fire did occur, there would be less damage in most cases.

This is good for insurance companies since it means they have less to cover.

Compliance With Fire Codes

It is also important to remember that there are fire codes you have to follow. Most local authorities require annual inspections to help prevent fires.

This applies mostly to commercial buildings since they hold employees. Local authorities enforce this so that everyone is provided with a level of safety.

If a fire were to occur and the sprinklers didn’t work, there may be an investigation. You may face legal repercussions if the sprinklers were not maintained.

Who to Hire for Fire Sprinkler Inspections?

Now that you know why fire sprinkler inspections are so important, who does them? This is a common question, and since this is not something you should do on your own.

As the building manager, you probably have a lot of responsibilities. But that does not necessarily mean that you can handle every job yourself.

Inspecting fire sprinklers is not a DIY job, and it should be left up to the experts. One company you should hire is Castle Sprinkler and Alarm.

This company offers system inspections as well as maintenance and repairs. If anything is found, these experts will be able to address it very quickly.

They also provide emergency services if you notice something wrong with your sprinklers. They will be able to quickly address emergency problems so that your fire prevention is working soon.

How Often Should Fire Sprinklers Be Inspected?

It is required that buildings have their fire sprinklers inspected once a year. When you do this during the year depends on you.

If you ever notice that something doesn’t look right with the sprinklers, you should get another inspection. There are instances where damage may occur after an inspection has been done.

It is your responsibility to make sure these sprinklers are operational. This includes making sure any repairs are completed as quickly as possible.

Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspection Benefits

If you are the manager of a large facility, it is your job to find fire hazards. You should hire professionals for an annual fire sprinkler inspection as a safety precaution.

This is a requirement for most areas since you need to make sure the sprinklers are in good condition.

Do you need a fire sprinkler inspection done on your building? Contact us today at Castle Sprinkler and Alarm to request a service.