Why Regular Fire Drills Are Crucial for Businesses

Your company’s fire protection plan is crucial to your building’s safety. In addition to your protective services, fire drills are essential. There are many important reasons as to why your company should practice regular fire drills. The following are just a few of those reasons.

Practice Saves Lives

When you have your first drill, it might seem messy and unorganized. During a real fire, there will be some level of panic, so everyone must know the escape plan in and out. If someone knows where all of the fire exits are located and what to do in case of a fire, they are more likely to react calmly during a real emergency.

Drills Are Mandatory

By law, you have to carry out regular fire drills. You have to have an appropriate fire warning system and you need to carry out a drill at least once a year. This drill has to occur during working hours and should include your entire staff.

Plans Have Weaknesses

No plan is perfect the first time through. Your fire escape plans might appear perfect on paper, but this isn’t always the case when executed. Instead, you may have a blocked corridor that you didn’t discover or a door that has been locked for security purposes that hinder your escape plan.

Alarms Don’t Always Work

The nightmare situation involves a fire in your building and the alarms malfunctioning or simply failing. This could end in a catastrophe. Fire drills provide you with an opportunity to test the alarm regularly to ensure that they do not fail during an emergency.

After a fire drill, you may have more insight into your company’s fire escape plan. You will understand the strengths and weaknesses and should also have an idea of where your plan lacks. For instance, do you have enough emergency lighting? Do your fire escape signs work? Could you invest in better fire alarms? To find out how to create a better fire protection plan, contact Castle Sprinkler & Alarm today by calling 301-517-7349 or sending us an email.