Why You Need Professional Fire Extinguisher Services

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Fire Extinguisher Services

Protecting your business from fires is an important task that shouldn’t be left to anyone but professionals. From the initial installation of a fire suppression system to the yearly maintenance that ensures everything is in perfect working order, trust the expertise of Castle Sprinkler and Alarm. Through our fire extinguisher services, our team of professionals will provide you with the following benefits.

Prevent Liabilities

Fire extinguishers come in a variety of sizes and forms. Many property owners are unsure what system needs to be put in place to reduce the liabilities associated with fires or the legal requirements of maintaining a fire suppression system. Sprinklers and extinguishers are crucial elements in keeping a fire from getting out of hand, but only when installed in the right location and fully operational. Though commercial suppression systems are designed to engage automatically, these systems need to be inspected each year.

Rely on Professional Help

Companies and organizations of all sizes are required under OSHA to have their portable fire extinguishers visually inspected each month, but why do the minimum when it comes to the safety of your employees and customers? When you work with a professional extinguisher service, you will have a comprehensive plan in place to address key risk areas. The design elements regarding where and when the fire suppression equipment should be installed are vital to the success and affordability of an installation or construction project.

Ensure Full Coverage

You may not fully understand the fire risks of your building or structure, but the experts at Castle Sprinkler and Alarm do. We are up to date on the latest technology for alarm systems and the most effective locations for installing sprinklers as well as where to place fire extinguishers according to legal requirements. You get complete coverage when you work with the pros, including any required maintenance checks. Nothing is left to chance or ignorance when working with us.

For the best in professional fire extinguisher services in the Baltimore area, contact Castle Sprinkler and Alarm by calling 301-517-7349 or emailing us today!