How To Determine Your 2022 Fire Protection Budget

fire protection budget

Budgeting For Fire Protection

In the industrial or manufacturing industry, there are about 37,000 fires every year. These fires cause around one billion dollars in damages and lead to 18 deaths. Having a fire protection plan is essential, so it is important that you budget for it correctly.

To budget for fire protection, you need to list everything that you could need an estimate for. Being less protected is more dangerous than having planned for too much.

What Causes Warehouse Fires?

In the last 30 years, destructive warehouse fires have decreased because of sprinkler systems and other fire protection services. There are a lot of risks to your warehouse when you don’t have protection installed. The most common causes of warehouse fires include:

  • Electrical problems: About 18% of warehouse fires occur due to electrical issues.
  • Arson: About 18% of all warehouse fires occur because of arson.
  • Heating equipment: About 8% of all fires occur because of the equipment in the building.
  • Combustible materials: Combustible materials are any materials that would help a fire spread. These account for about 7% of warehouse fires.
  • Cigarettes and cigars: Smoking accounts for about 5% of all warehouse fires.

Fire protection prevents one flame from growing into a massive fire.

How Can You Budget for Protection?

To budget for protection, use the following checklist:

  • Have all systems inspected, tested, and maintained
  • Jot down the last time you reviewed your fire alarm radio or monitoring system
  • Choose whether you want your inspections and maintenance to occur monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually
  • Write down when you had your last five-year investigation
  • Explain any major upgrades to your system that you want to invest in

Once you put together your checklist, call a professional to discuss your fire protection maintenance plan estimates.

When it comes to your budget, fire safety should be one of your top priorities. At Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, we provide a full range of fire protection services for our clients. Contact us for an estimate and start budgeting today!