When Should You Have a Sprinkler System Inspection?

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One fire can completely wipe out products and equipment for warehouses and other large commercial buildings. Additionally, fires can cause the loss of life of employees and guests. No one knows when a fire may happen. All we can do is protect our buildings. A sprinkler suppression system prevents fires from spreading through your warehouse. However, your sprinkler system may not be performing correctly without an inspection. At Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, we want you to rest easy knowing your building is safe.

When To Check Sprinkler Systems

When it comes to sprinkler inspections, we inspect different components at different intervals. For example, we may check gauges in a dry, pre-action system about once a week and check wet pipe gauges once a month to ensure all aspects of your system are accounted for.

It would be best to have your water flow, control valves, signal devices, and valve alarm devices checked every three months. More extensive inspections may happen once a year, such as checking the fittings, pipework, bracing, and individual sprinklers.

Having scheduled maintenance helps you stay on top of your fire system.

How To Determine If Your Inspection Is Overdue

Do not take chances with your sprinkler system. If it’s been over five years since you had the internal pipework checked, your system may not work in the event of a fire. Some municipalities require regular inspections to ensure the sprinklers are up to code. If you have neglected to think about the health of your sprinkler system, then it’s time for a review.

A fire can completely wipe out your assets and cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only does fire protection save lives, but it saves money too. By the time the fire department arrives, you cannot guarantee the fire wouldn’t spread without the help of a sprinkler system. At Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, safety is our priority. We provide our clients with thorough inspections and fire protection solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you ensure the safety of your sprinkler system.